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I am home now and I had no time to write while I was on the road, I was having way too much fun! I did and learned so many cool things in the last 10 days. Definitely the highlight was swimming in the ocean at Marth'a Vineyard 7 days ago. We also switched servers and was off line for a few days. Got all that fixed, and all is well I am told. Supposedly this move will make things move from page to page more quickly. OK!

The bike riding in New York City was amazing, but after 7Me on my bike in front of some huge grasses hours Gary and I had some very sore body parts. We went to see Blue Man Group and Ave Q, and as much as I loved the culture and chaos of NYC I completely appreciated my walks through Central and Morningside Parks, and my day of cycling along The Green Way.

Geeky podcasters aplenty










My time in Boston was pretty special. I met some a amazing people including Eric Rochow of who's podcasts I am going to be referring to for the next 72 years. What a great collection of "how to" videos. Everything from how to bake a pie to changing your brake pads. He also just started a new podcast called Real WorldEric Gunner Rochow Green which is all about how to green your everyday life.

Hey did you all know that a podcast is video or audio content on the internet? that's what Podcamp was all about. Meeting other people who post their audio or video content on their websites and or have them hosted by someone else. It was all very interesting for a non tekky like me, and I learned a ton. I especially liked meeting musicians who create Podsafe music.

Last Bit. In the Uk there is a farming community who create a weekly audio podcast called Wriggly wrigglers, if you listen in you can hear about the lives of a farming family in Herefordshire, England. Just the accents alone are worth tuning in :) Thousands of people all over the planet tune in every week to their program. You can down load it to your ipod or just listen in right where you are sitting reading this.

Go on and check them out!

More to follow......Beth



Photographs:Gary Marriott Creative Genius Collective