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Tulips in Toronto

As you can imagine, I get so crazy busy in the Spring and I was completely remiss in not sharing this story with you. I hope you can forgive me and go there yourself next year.

Back in May I was driving along Old Forest Hill Rd. and nearly caused a traffic accident (and nearly gave Ozzy whip lash). After I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I fell completely in love. I would personally like to thank the lovely people who created (and paid for) such a gorgeous Spring display of colour. Without further ado.....Here are the pictures I took that day.


             Beautiful house with tulips blooming           


Beautiful house with blooming tulips














White tulips blooming














luscious tulips blooming














moe luscious tulips blooming















walkway of blooming tulips














more luscious tulips blooming














perennials and tulips blooming














The view from the car




















Here is a link to the intersection,-79.417119&spn=0.001753,0.004823&z=18

It is just west of Spadina on Old Forest Hill Rd. Enjoy for next year!



I don't think that this would be a personal blog if I wasn't going allll the way and adding something personal. One of my customers, and you know who you are, gushed to me about a cheeky plain British singer named Susan Boyle. Yes, I know I know I know enough about Suan Boyle. But have you really heard her sing? I can honestly say this with out any shame. I have listened to this video about 20 times and I still get goose bumps. I don't love everything that she sings but I have to say that she nails this song. GO ON have a listen. This is for you :)