Common Ground Landscape Design


For me, the obvious answer to this page is NOW! I want to write it ALLLL now! But, I have to pace myself, and do other things like eat and see my friends. If you have seen my flyer , you'll know that I do sometimes have to sleep!

By declaration.....this is the official non schedule for the season.

January, February, March and some of April will be “My choice” what ever I wish to write about that turns me on. By April, the sun is shining, little plants are starting to pop up and gardens will need to be cleaned up.

At this time I am going to be writing about, photographing and podcasting everything that I see around me that I think would be of interest to you, and thus begins my tour of urban garden spotting!

Every week, I will be featuring a plant or garden that is worthy of mention by blog and photophile. Every two weeks will be a podcast that will vary in length from 2 minutes to about 10. The season unusually wraps up around Nov 15th, however with the onset of global warming patterns, I may be able to keep working, like this past season, right up until New Years Day.

If you think that you have a garden that 1. needs work or 2. is amazing, then all you gotta do is get a hold of me.