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Curb Appeal

A few weeks ago we were working in a garden in North York, when I got a call from one of my customers in Vaughn/Thornhill. She told me excitedly that when she came home the other day there was a sign in her garden. It seems that the City of Vaugh thought her garden had curb appeal! How nice is that? and, I really like this garden that we created. There were some trees already here (the upright Beech tree and the Globe Blue Spruce Standard) when we came on the scene to spice things up, and I think that we definitely enlivened this front garden.

The neighbours across the street told me happily, that they really think that the garden was made for them, because it's what they see everyday when they come and go.

Compliments are so very lovely aren't they? sigh. All of this acknowledgement just totally made my day!

curb appeal award

curb appeal award

 The happy home owner

the front garden

In the midst of a clean up 

nice garden!

the side view


Today would be a great day to tell someone you appreciate, how much their hard work matters to you.

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Signing off.